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Installing a new passenger front seat cover ( the back ).

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Oh yeah, nice trailer !


Ok, here's what I can offer.

You'll need to separate the seat back from the seat bottom. Once the seat back is out of the car, remove the head rest. There may be a release button for it on top. Then you'll have to start from the bottom of the seat back, separate the cover at the seam (it just locks in place at the plastic strip) Then, unfold and roll the cover up as you snip the hog rings with a wire cutter. Do this until the cover is completely free. There will most likely be metal rods in place on both the cover, and inside the foam. This is where the hog rings attach both together.


Take the new cover and fold it inside out. Place it on the top of the seat back foam, and fold/roll it over the foam. Once it's in place, go ahead and install the metal rods. Use the hog ring pliers and hog rings to attach cover to foam.


It's hard to explain the process but it's rather easy to do. You only need 2 things. Hog rings, and a hog ring plier. Search "youtube" for Ford interiors. I bet there's a video to show you the process.

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