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what should the rwhp should be on a 800hp SS package ?


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Well...people seem to change the percentage depending on their numbers..

It use to be 85 percent of the fwhp number for manual or 82 percent for automatic.


Numbers on the new dyno's are apparently 10% to 12 % loss


So in reality...if you bought an 800 hp package you should have rwhp dyno numbers of 700 to 720 rwhp.


I could never get my CS6 numbers anywhere near the 350 posted numbers without doing some serious additional mods and custom tune.


To match the SAI results with my car originally there was a 20% differential.

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well,well well, i only got 685 !!! huuuuummmm .And i got headers , X pipe



hmmmmm is right....from what I understand seeing very recent Steeda performance numbers headers + X-pipe have been a solid 30 to 40 hp gain so your numbers should be in the 756 - 760 range.


Personally, I find all this dyno information very misleading......I had my 2010 on the dyno about a week after I bought it completely stock and it was 453.73 rwhp (I have the sheet in front of me right now) and Ford indicates 540 fwhp which is a huge differential.


I had the pulley change and Lund tune and the numbers went to 568 rwhp so using the same losses should equate to 670 fwhp.


Now.....the guys at two separate facilities, Steeda Canada and DaSilva racing both use much larger factor numbers than 10% but, most guys on this site it seems use 10% so it gets very confusing.


If the Ford numbers are accurate (and one can only assume they are) I started with 540 hp or close to it and my dyno numbers are 453.73 to be exact so do the math....if it were only 10% then from the factory my 2010 was only producing 500 hp out of the box.

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