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Tire noise

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Good day to all. I have a 2011 Mustang Shelby GT 500 SVS and am seeking comments as to the quietest tire to use. The car has different sized wheels for front & back and do not like the idea that the Goodyear product precludes cross rotation. Grip is not primary issue, lowest possible noise value is primary. Car is located in S. Florida where road temperature is warm 90% of the time. Any advises are greatly appreciated.


regard & thanks for taking the time to consider and reply.

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Don't know if you are going to show the car or just enjoy it, but I have an F150 that went through 2 sets of noisy tires. For my 3rd set I went to STS Tires and asked the tech if the truck is inherintly noisy or is there a quieter tire. He recommended a Yokohama tire - what a difference! I like them so much I had the original tires on our AWD Fivehundred (Also noisy) replaced with them and it is now quiet. Don't know if they make a high speed VR rated or not. The dealer that had my SGT put on 4 new Nitto tires and I find them to be very quiet.

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