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I ordered my car on 7 May and I figure it should be here after shipping about 15 July to Pensacola my priroty was a 10 because I ordered a 2010 and 2012. I did get it for invoice and saved about $5500.00

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I to was one of the "lucky" ones that ordered my car at invoice also I think I saved around 4k. I agreed to pay the 1500. SVT francise fee in witch I'm more than happy to do. I guess I would rather get one at invoice and have to wait than the other way around. Best of luck with the "beast"

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Every participating SVT dealer has to pay the francise fee. No way around it. If they choose not to pass that fee along, then it comes off their bottom line.




Yea well its still not invoice lol. For you the number at the end is the same. For example I got 1500 above invoice. So you paying the fee and me not paying the fee doesnt really matter in the end we both pay 1500 above invoice lol.


Plus the fee is 2000 not 1500

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Yeah, the fee was a total of $2000. It is $1000 per year (2013 and 2014). So you paid his fee for this year.



I'm just glad I'm not paying his full fee so he is not making any money on the fee itself. He is only making $100 over invoice on mine. :drool:

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