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The small details...


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Ok ti's a first time for the wife and I at Carlisle. We're signed up for the TSNE events and plan on being there @ noon on Friday until Sunday morning. Everyone knows that they learn from past experience and that any event could have been a bit more enjoyable if I only remembered to bring ....... or I remembered to do...... :unsure: Things like bring bottled water and keep it in a cooler in the trunk, don't forget sunscreen, bring plenty of detailer and clean micro fiber towels, etc, etc..


So my question is:


What should I remember to bring or do that will make this weekend a really enjoyable experience ?


Thanks ahead of time and can't wait to see everyone and have a great time this weekend. :yahoo:

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I got on line and went to the Carlisle Ford National Site. Read and download their program for the weekend.

Bring good walking shoes and sounds like an umbrella to chase the rain away on Friday or Sat.

There will lots of vendors and buildings with cars in them.

Safe travels.


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