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40th vert value?

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Here is the Link that show the production of the 40th.



Of course the rarest ones made are the ones at the 40th party of 15 personally sign by Carroll Shelby and documented, of course I am partial! lol!



Sounds like you have an ultra rare car!!! Only 4 Alloy verts, how many with the Crimson seats! SWEET!

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Might be one of one, waiting for the registry to let us know.

I am pretty sure one of one personally sign by Carroll Shelby.

I have the Black with Grey Shelby seats now, of course I still have the crimson seats in storage.

What price range are you looking to spend on your 40th?

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Love to see some pics of your car with the new interior. That must look great with the silver stripes.

I'm trying to get a handle on pricing.

As my name indicates I have been mostly into GM products, but I have a passion for ALL makes and models. I've wanted a Shelby for a LONG time!

Just starting to learn about these newer cars. I really like the looks of the 40th cars.



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