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So Cal Local Memorial Cruise Pics


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I would like to think all of you that joined me. It was a pleasure to meet you all. I apologise if I do not have everybodys picture with there car, but I know I did take all of yours with your cameras. So if you get a chance, please share any of your pics. A special thank you to Paul who took the time, with short notice,( hows that for an oxi-moron statement) and made a memorial plaque for all of us that attended. Mine will be applied onto my dash.post-28087-0-47144200-1338167370_thumb.jpgMy tribute parked where Shelby CSX2000 was parked and brought to life 50 years ago! I will tell you, that just sends chills up and down my spine! Thank You Caroll Shelby for firing up countless lives over the years building American High performance cars that we all are proud of. Also, the dedication you had for saving the lives of others and giving them hope. Rest In Peace Sir, you have earned it for all the work you have done on earth.YOU WILL BE MISSED Here is my 21 Burnout salute to you - Goodbye!

:peelout: :peelout: :peelout: :peelout: :peelout: :peelout: :peelout:




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post-28087-0-31551300-1338170150_thumb.jpgThank you Bob for helping us. He was the only Mooneyes employee working, so he was busy handling regular customers on top of dealing with us.[





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post-28087-0-43194700-1338171156_thumb.jpgOff to 1042 Princeton Dr.post-28087-0-90579600-1338171521_thumb.jpgThis building was used from 1962-1965 by Shelby for the production of the Cobra and Daytona Coupes













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Thanks again Dennis for setting up a memorable event! Thank you Paul for the dash plaques. Very nicely and caringly done. A worthy tribute.


A lot of good discussions. I'm sure my wife will be getting on here to personally thank each of you for all the ideas of what to do next to the car....not!


RIP Mr. Shelby. You still raise rpm blood pressure today, and for generations to come, through your motto of, "I never made a damn penny until I did what I wanted to do.". We're all glad you found your path!


Thanks for sharing the pics! Are car guys allowed to color their hair? There's gotta be an app for that!




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It was great to meet the group at Mooneyes.....Thanks for setting this up Dennis......



+1 Had a nice time at Mooneye's meeting all the great Shelby folks. Thanks Dennis for getting this all together and hope to see all of you at future events.



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