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What other driving lights fit?

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I am giving up on trying to get the PIAA lights. So I would just like to buy some other lights to fill the holes. I don't care how fancy they are, I may not even hook them up. The holes are a weird size, 3 3/4". Anybody have any alternatives that might work and look decent?

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unfortunately none that I know of......I seached for ever a few years ago and paid $300.00 for a pair with shipping after they were discontinued...I haven't seen anything remotely close however I did see a few members over that past couple of years find some at a decent price....I have my spare set tucked away because they would crack lenses like crazy

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Had a family reunion this past weekend. My brother came from Calif. in a winnibago that had driving lights that are very close. He is coming to our house today and will make some measurements. If they work I will let you know.

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