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To the people that think Shelbys name is all he had to do with the GT500.


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I'll tell you another thing about that video: it shows how important the project was to Mr Shelby, how much he felt it is an expression of himself.


If you ever saw him move about when he was young and well, and when he was in decline, you would recognize elements from his youthful way of walking - loose, poised, cocky - when they showed up in his cane-assisted tour around the new car. What a treat to see him showing that kind of joy and enthusiasm in unconscious body language. A very touching moment.


I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

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Thank you Carroll.


Ford, why couldn't the 2013 production models have cross drilled rotors? (refer to 0:55 in the video)



Great video. No cross drilled rotors for me thank you. I skip cracked and broken junk.

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That's awesome!


Cross drilled? I would assume its because Ford want's their brakes to last more than a few dozen laps, but I like knowing they tested with drilled rotors. The most likely explanation is that Ford didn't see any improvement in braking between the two rotors.

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This is what made Carroll Shelby "Carroll Shelby"....the attitude, the swagger, the passion. Few people enjoy being a legend in their own time. He has been a legend since before I can remember. Whether it be a Ford GT, a 427 Cobra, or little Omni GLH, we're all part of something bigger than our cars.we're part of a community...a community that cares not if you drive a $1500 Shelby, or a $150k Shelby, but rather puts an emphasis the fun and commeradery of motorsports, and the enjoyment of being a car enthusiat.


Every time ya'll get into your Shelby Mustangs, Shelby Mopars or whatever Shelby you own, glance over at the Shelby nameplate (wherever it might be on your car), then say a little "thank you" to Carroll, and the other men & women who worked hard to bring it all together.


Thank you!

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