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Well board,


I broke down and purchased a Ford Racing Whipple SC kit! I purchased from Tousely Ford from a gentleman by the name of Steve. Steve was great but whipple was on a 6 week back order! When Steve finally called me to tell me it shipped I received a call from ConWay Freight to arrange delivery for the next day. Well the next day came and no SC? I called ConWay and they said they had lost the 150 lb package?WTF! After yelling, emailing, and blowing everyone's phone up I got a call from a random gentleman in Illinois three days later. My SC delivered to his company with his coffee filters? WTH! He was nice enough to ship it an hour south to me in St. Louis, MO. I just dropped the car and the SC off at my mechanic on Friday and I sit an anxiously await to have my SC baby back! The moral of this story is to never use ConWay Freight and there are still good people out in this jacked up world we live in! The gentlemen that found the SC is an avid mustang collector and knew the box was important when he saw Whipple on the side of it! Thanks Neil, you rock!



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Sounds like you got lucky on that one. That gentleman could have easily said if confronted about the S/C, you accidently delivered a supercharger, what supercharger. It's good that there are still some honest people in the world.


You're going to love the power.



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lol its a good thing a stand up guy got it and was able to get it to you. Tousely ford in minnesota? If so I know steve personaly from my focus days he is a good guy and knows his stuff. Congrats and be sure to post some pics when you get her back.

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