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Hey guys just wanted to say hi. Sold off my 2010 Raptor and my 2011 GT 5.0 and got in to my first 2012 GT500. I was very nervous after my GT and it being my first Mustang, I had owned a 06 F-150 with a Roush blower on it and did not have the power the 5.0 had so I was a bit worried to go back to the 5.4. After now having a few miles on the 500 im very proud to say I own a Mustang that has the name of one of the greatest men in the automotive world on it. I have been a big fan of Carroll Shelby for a long time like we prob all have and admire the man for what he has done and never thought I would be in any one of his cars.

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Welcome, the mod bug will be biteing you soon.



Borla "S" exhaust and JLT CF Intake so far, oh and clear bra :happy feet:


Thanks for the welcome guys !

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Welcome! If you get bored check out some of SVTKeith's pics on the NTT.


Where in Illinois are you? North, South, East, West?



North, Im near Rockford out in the country a bit.

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A word of caution, do not under any circustances ask Keith on the NTT to post any of his gal pictures. Mine are the ones you want. :drool:





Again, I'm just there for the artices.




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