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What oil do you all prefer?

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I need to get the oil changed and was wondering what everyone uses. Ford spec'd OEM oil, Synthetic or ? The Ford spec calls for 5-20wt is that what every uses? I need to run out and look at the CSM number cause I never remember it.


Thanks for suggestions.


Black with gray interior



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Whatever synthetic is on sale! :lol:


Seriously, though, until recently I always used the owner's manual specificed Ford synthetic. You can't go wrong with that. With my last oil change I used Mobil 1. You can't go wrong with that either. I may go back to Ford just because I like keeping it all "in the family".

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Well I hate to contribute, and Kurgan is right, but I would not use Mobil 1. It fails the Series IV test. I am reasonably comfortable with the Motorcraft synthetic blend in 5W-20 for cruising and street. I would recommend 5W-30 in extreme climates (Phoenix AZ, racing, super or turbo charged). I would also use the ULX 5W-20 or 5W-30. I think amsoil is a good synthetic but I would not leave in anywhere near the 25-30,000 miles they advocate. Mine is a garage queen and travels less than 500 miles per year. I still change the oil twice per year. and filter.

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I remember seeing something with Shelby a while back and Royal Purple saying that it's what he used, as well as Foose. I know it's about advertising, but with those two, I don't think that it's all about the money when it comes to these things...

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From Jobbers World:



Quote: Castrol Edge Claims 8X Better Wear Than Mobil 1

As reported here last July, first Valvoline claimed its Synpower motor oil provided 4X better wear protection than Mobil 1. Then in December Valvoline turned up the heat by further stating that Mobil 1 5W-30 actually failed the Sequence IVA engine test, and not by a small margin.


Now Castrol has jumped on the bandwagon and raised the bar, claiming its new Castrol Edge "provides 8X better wear protection than Mobil 1 5W-30", again citing the Sequence IVA test.


Either Valvoline and Castrol have some amazing new oils, or ExxonMobil has a problem. Even if it turns out they don't have a technical problem, they sure as heck have a marketing challenge. Yet for whatever reasons, they remain silent - at least for now. I'm sure we'll hear from them soon!

It would appear as though the Mobil One is failing the API testing on wear. This is the second manufacturer to make a public statement claiming that Mobil One fails the API IVA test.


I know a lot of people base their decision on what oil a race team uses. Last year there was a special on NASCAR on the Fox Business Channel. They spoke with Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman and then toured their transporters showing all the spare parts for each car for each race. It was interesting to note they had jugs of oil marked Mobil One- Race Blend. So it is obviously not the same Mobil One you buy off the shelf. And apparently Mobil One fails the Series IVA wear test. Now that is not an issue in a race engine that only runs for 400-800 miles over a weekend and is rebuilt. But for the rest of us we look for longevity. I think there are plenty of good oils out there but I am not partial to Mobil One for the obvious reasons.

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Liquid moly has been used by some of the top engine builders for years but now the synthetic oils appear to be using another new element. Liquid titanium. I do not know if it is merely marketing hype or for real but Conoco Phillips (reportedly the maker of motorcraft oils), Kendall and Castrol are all advertising the liquid titanium additive for the reduction of wear. I did see where red line oil apparently uses a very high concentration of liquid moly and zinc to reduce friction.

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