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2008 GT500 Leather dash

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My 2008 GT500 has the interior upgrade package. It looks to me to have a leather dash. Does anyone know for sure?


This is from Edmunds....


"Options include xenon headlights, a navigation system, an upgraded sound system, multicolored interior lighting and a premium interior trim package that includes a leather-wrapped dash top, upgraded door panels, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and sport pedals. A sunroof is available on the coupe."



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My 2008 Mustang sales brochure says " GT500 Premium Trim Package - Includes wrapped and stitched instrument panel brow and center console, upgraded door armrests, auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass, and aluminum pedal covers."


Note that it doesn't say leather wrapped it just says wrapped and stitched. My car has the premium trim package. I don't think it is leather on the dash and I know the center console has no leather on it.

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Yes, what you have taken a picture of is what ford considers the "wrapped leather dash".. Now if its real leather or not is the real question. I have it in my car and love it, but if i had to guess, its not real leather. i think its just some synthetic material that looks and feels like leather.

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