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Hi guys>


Am concidering a steeda powerpack upgrade for the GT500 : filterkit, pulleychange, chip .. the works, and will

also think about a Catback exhaust system but thats no isseu.


What are the experiences here abouth/with these kits ?... ANY GOOD ?..... No complaints ?..., No engine damages because the higher HP

with these kits ? ( rear axle isseu , clutch isseus ?..).


AND DOE THE DELIVER WHAT THE PROMISE ?.... ( in HP and other ways..)


Hope you can tell me more about it ,





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It works!! Just had the pulley, carbon fiber Steeda cold air kit, SCT Programer (Steeda Tune), upgraded heat exchanger with fans, and Flowmaster axle back... Went from 448 rear wheel hp to 524! It helped with throttle response and I only have 1,400 miles on the car so if you have a engine with 7000 miles or more you'll probably get about 10 to 15 more horsepower than I got as my engine is not broken in yet. These guys are the best in the business in my opinion! Ask for Gus or Matt Neal.

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