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Shelby GT500 Competition Intercooler Tank

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Shelby GT500 Competition Intercooler Tank



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When going to the track one of the number one problems is heat, whether your going as fast as you can in a 1/4 mile or trying to get that last second out of your road course time keeping your intake air cool will help get you that last little bit. This heavy duty intercooler tank was designed to do exactly that. With the larger capacity you can hold more water and with the fuel cell style cap you can either throw in ice or dry ice to make sure your water stays colder longer which translates into colder intake air temperatures and reduced heat soak. There is an easy drain nozzle to let water out once the ice melts so you can add more ice and keep the intercooler water cold. The tank features the famous Shelby GT500 logo etched into the surface of the tank next to the filler cap.



2007-2012 Shelby GT500



• Direct bolt-in replacement to stock plastic tank, no need to move battery.

• Increased coolant capacity to almost one gallon compared to the factory 1.5 quarts.

• Fuel cell style filler cap and filtered outlet strainer, which allows for the packing of dry ice or ice for the track/dyno.


Genuine Shelby American


Release Date:

New Product Release: 24 Apr 2012


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