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Towing a 2007 - 2013 GT500


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If you ever break down and need a tow it is a good idea to know how the tow truck / flat bed driver is supposed to load and strap your car down. See page 7, then page 10 for details. Make sure the operator has the V strap in photo 8 on page 10 before he loads your car onto the flat bed and make sure he hooks it up just like it shows in photo 9.


You may want to print this and put it in your car.



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thank you, this info is always good to have. although the V forged-strap.... was that used in Photo 9? it looks like it was a chain that was V'd and hooked on to the lower control arms.


It says that if the tow truck driver does not have the kind of V - strap..... that the chain needs to be wrapped with a towel to protect the splitter from damage.

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No one wants to have there car towed, but it is important to be prepared if you find yourself in that situation. I have put a copy of this Ford towing manual in my trunk just in case I ever need it. I highlighted the areas that pertain to my vehicle and tabbed the pages so I can quickly have a one on one discussion with the tow truck driver.


Here is what I have prepared and put in my trunk:









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That is fantasic Grabber. I will build my package today!


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