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Motel Mods


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Ever wounder what went on in that motel room before you stayed in it? :dw:






Why, if it's was I that occupied the room prior, it may very well have been Motel MOD's :banana:


Stuck in El Paso for another week...wanted to add some color in addition to plumbed Bob's Auto Sport oil separator I added last week.



and thought to me self.. Self.. you have days here with nothing to do but school in the day, drink beer at night you should work on the car..


So a trip to a WalMart, and Auto Zone and scored the 320 to 1500 grit sand paper, can of Ford Blue paint and some clear coat.


Clean the cover up in the bathroom with some Simple Green and a white rag that was conveniently placed there for me :rolling:


And it's time to start sanding.

More to follow.

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Phase I done, major paint striped



Have to put it back on this morning, so i can drive the car.

Phase II tonight is to strip the other one.

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1000grit done





Need to go get more sand paper for the rough removal on the 2nd cover, and the finial finish on the part I will leave polished AL surrounded by paint. Plus reducer to de-grease before spraying it for the first coat.. Soon as class is over it's off to the paint store.


Should have one side done by this evening.

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The engine bay needs a shampoo, but not going to bother till I get out of El Paso and back home to CENTEX. No need to remove dust, sand, and bugs today, just to do it again next weekend.

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