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Red Stripe Package Pictures!


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Also available for immediate ordering is the new F-150 Harley Davidson with Saleen SUPER CHARGER! 450HP with 500 trq.




The 2007MY Harley-Davidson F-150 has always been a powerful blend of features and attitude. Now, with the Supercharger Ship Thru Package, which provides 450 supercharged horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque, it boasts unbelievable performance as well. This special performance package from SALEEN, along with the custom-tuned exhaust, leaves no doubt about this truck's serious street capabilities.


SALEEN Ship Thru ordering provides a complete vehicle on delivery, requiring no additional dealer modifications.


Features twin-screw supercharger

Includes dual-stage water-to-air intercooler

Maximum 5-lb. boost enhances engine performance

Gauge Pod option features boost (PSI) and air-charge temperature (ACT) gauges

Performance engineered and tested by SALEEN for dependable, reliable operation

Backed by SALEEN Limited Powertrain Warranty – 3 years/36,000 miles

Ford Motor Credit financing available

MSRP is $6,500

This package is available for order immediately.

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and while options and extras are nice, being an early build car will be reflected once svt does the build out and can give you numbers on your cars. otherwise, the navigation for mustang, just wasn't availabe. gt500 or not.


SD thanks for getting the pdf up! this package definately rocks

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Thanks for the photos. :happy feet:


I have decided to go with Crimson Red stripes on my Alloy Vert. :headspin:

It will match the interior. I deliver the vert for stripes tonight, should be ready in a week. :banana piano:

Now if I could order the Badging.............. :hysterical2:

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If it was a free option I would consider it, but Im not paying 1600 for some stripes that comes free on any other color.



You wouldn't be paying $1,600 for just the red stripes.


The package INCLUDES the premier interior upgrade package and the car cover. Those are seperate options that cost $595 and $375. So $975 of that $1,600 is for two options you would for otherwise.

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GT500KR, your hard to keep up with, changed name, then the avitar you trying to hide from the FBI or something?? Your like a woman changing dress's in a clothing store. :hysterical2:


:hysterical2::hysterical2: My avatar said GT500E, I felt like I was slipping into a split personalty

And as far as that woman clothing thing goes................ Stop peeking! :hysterical2::hysterical2:

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Hey I just noticed the old avatar is still up on this end see


Like your new display name and Avatar--it kicks bu**. I had to change mine as well... When I signed up I didn't realize how it would be used. Nichostu was awkward and sounded rediculous. :wacko: Thank God for Sharon.... :cheerleader:

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