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Recent Road Trip


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Spring Break--Hopkinsville, KY to Panama City Beach, FL and vicinity....


I love to drive my car! Just put over 1400 miles on the trip--KY to Montgomery, AL was all interstate. Montgomery to PCB is a mix of 2 lane and 4 lane with speed limits down to 35 and up to 65. Averaged 18.99 mpg overall for the trip. High was 22.82 (interstate--cruise set at 78) low was 14.7 (cruising & fighting traffic of roaming gangs of teens on scooters--all of which had just discovered the horn button). Gas price averaged $4.08/gal. High was $4.24 in PCB, low was $3.98 (and couple at $4) in Destin.


Aside from the above stats, I am still amazed at the "cool car" comments I get from pre-teens to senior citizens! Every gas stop somebody gave me a thumbs up, every cruise down the strip I got a thumbs up, I met a Camaro cruising at Pier Park and the guys on the side walk were calling for us to light them up.....we refrained. Guy on the elevator saw my Shelby shirt and asked if I had one, I said yeah GT 500 convertible. The two teen boys with him--jaw dropped--"cool car man, is it out front?" I guess they were surprised to see an "old man" driving such a hot car. I think they would have followed me to the parking garage if their dad hadn't hauled them back!


Saw a LOT of rice rockets, a couple of Shelby GT's, 1 other GT 500, a couple of Roush and a couple of Saleens on the trip.


BUT, the coolest thing I saw was a Sunbeam Tiger in the parking garage (in PCB) with Ontario tags! Now, that's a road trip!


1400+ trouble-free, comfortable, fast-as-you-wanna-go, cruisin cool-n-slow, knock their eyes out miles!


Did I mention that I love to drive my car?????

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Cool road trip!!

It is amazing how many people notice these cars. Maybe it's just that an Alloy convertible is the greatest looking Mustang out there. :P

Sunbeam Tigers are cool. I haven't seen one of those in years.

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