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4.6 Valve Cover Question

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Ordered a pair of the Shelby GT valve covers last week, then noticed a decorative bolt package listed as "Underhood Hardware Package" which includes 28 bolts and washers. Since there are 28 of each in the kit, and all look the same size in the photo, I assumed they are for the valve covers, though it doesn't say that in the online catalog. Started to order them today by phone, and spoke to "Tim" who indicated negative on the valve covers and said "They are just for misc bolts and screws under the hood". Anyone know if this is correct or not? Seems if they were for various bolts, they would likely be different sizes? Thought they would look nice with the covers, but don't want to order and find they are the wrong size(s).


Also, anyone have a picture of the valve/cam covers installed?


Thanks for any input.

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