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After all of this, all I have is a quick question


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I have a quick question, but first I think it is in order to explain the scenario.


I drove up town to go by radioshack really quick. Everything was going fine; I drove back to the local grocery store to get a gallon of milk, then came out with the milk. Get in the car. Place milk in back. Turn car on. All is fine.

Press brake down; still fine. Press shifter, pull back into dri.....press shifter, pull... Its locked.


Yep; the shifter was locked, i could not pull it out of park even though the engine was running fine. I had my father come pick me up and he of course had no idea what was going on.


Long story short, after calling my boss too, I found out I didn't have functioning brake lights. This never occured because I looked at my warnings during this. Due to my own ignorance (in that I never read the owners manual in full) I did not know what to do; eventually I tried to fix the problem by replacing fuses, but the fuses seemed fine and did not yield the results I needed. I will take it in tomorrow to have it looked at, specifically the brake light switch. After I finally learned from the manual to hold the brake down, turn the key slightly, engage the parking brake and shift the now released shifter to neutral, then start the car finally, I managed to take it home and calm my stress levels a bit.

Again, had I have just sat down the manual when I first bought the Mustang, I'd be able to have recalled this info.


Either way, here is my question: I installed a sequential tail light kit a few weeks ago from AmericanMuscle .com; the non-splice in kit. They installed easily and worked fine, but could that have caused any of these problems I had today? I hope not obviously, and I do know I have a short in the trunk thats been there almost a year now; again my own ignorance of this problem is at fault if the short caused anything.


All thoughts appriciated.

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The problem has been fixed; turns out it was just a wiring problem. I was told that this had nothing to do with anything I had done with the lights, it was a random occurrence. Thus, after a rewiring, everything is back to normal. If anyone can put input about this, I'm just curious if there are ways to avoid this, or if this was so random that I should not expect to have to deal with this again.

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