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2013 Track Pack, Brake Cooling Ducts and Fog Lamp Delete


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The 2013 Order Guide made no mention of brake cooling ducts in place of fog lamps for 2013 Coupes with the Track Package which the Build and Price feature of Ford's website specified.


However, after scouring the online parts reference for the 2013 GT500 and finding absolutely no mention of brake cooling ducts, I returned today to the Build and Price and Product Information sections of the Ford website to find any mention of brake cooling ducts and deleted fog lamps to be gone.


Am I the only person to have noticed this?

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After speaking with a Ford representative at today's NY Auto Show, we MAY be in for some GOOD news - albeit unconfirmed at this point.


The web-site information (which did NOT appear within the Order Guide) stating the SVT Track Pack would substitute front brake cooling ducts for fog lamps MAY have been incorrect - hence its removal from Ford's web site since.


According to the Ford representative who attended an in-depth product briefing conducted by Jamal Hameedi, the base GT500 comes WITH functional brake cooling ducts whose inlets are the left and right apertures embedded in the lower grille.


Unfortunately, because the NY show car is a non-production vehicle (even without a VIN), it was impossible to tell by inspecting the car on-hand whether or not her memory served her correctly - though she remains VERY confident. She promised to email him and provide me with a definitive statement as to whether or not the GT500 has brake cooling ducts and whether the Track Package causes any changes to the fog lamps as a result.


I will provide any updated information as I receive it to hopefully assist anybody else who may be unclear and undecided as to how they might prefer to order their particular car.

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Well, let's hope that's the case, because things get curiouser and curiouser.


The Grabber Blue 2013 Coupe Ford had in its lower level display (with the rest of the Mustangs) had open lower grille inlet apertures as such:




Then, a couple of days later, Ford added a Deep Impact Blue Convertible to its main floor display whose lower grille inlets were decidedly different - the inlets were sealed.




To complicate matters, the Coupe was a non-VIN proptype. And though the Convertible DOES have a bona fide VIN and the Track Package isn't offered for Convertibles, the Convertible didn't have the Performance Package either - so it's impossible to tell whether or not the difference is owed to pre-production variances, the lack of the Performance Package or the absence of the Track Package.


But ONE thing's for damn sure. After seeing BOTH the more ornate 2013 SVTPP wheels and the new staggered wheels for the baseline model, the baseline wheels are one HELL of a lot more attractive.




The show runs through Sunday. Hopefully, once the rep has had a chance to return to her desk and sift through her backlog, the information she promised will clarify the specifics with respect to ducted brake cooling, whether it exists and precisely which, if any, vehicles will have it.

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Track Pack gets the open Inlets.



I agree that inlet is most likely designed for the "track pack's" engine oil cooler inlet.

I would think if one would wish to install front brake ducts on the 13' their only place to do it would be to remove the fog lights and use those openings since there doesn't seem to be anywhere else in the grille opening to accommodate them.

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