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Some good news for the future of muscle cars - GT500 to continue


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Pundits and analysts have been declaiming the end of the horsepower wars, the death of the muscle car, the arrival of pure electric power, and other such tragedy for years now. Ford thinks its nonsense.


Or at least Ford thinks such things as efficiency, emissions, and utility need to occasional counterbalance--or that's what we read into the report from Mustangs Dailythat the Shelby GT500 Mustang will carry forward into the next generation of the car,due as a 2014 model sometime next year.


While the Mustang line itself has gotten rather efficient, scoring up to 30 mpg highway in certain configurations, the GT500 has always been about efficiently turning gasoline into horsepower, not miles traveled. Even the next-gen GT500 is likely to get a dose of the green hose, to be sure, but it will still be here, as an ultra-high-performance version of the latest iteration of America's pony car.


The news comes by way of Shelby American president John Luft, from the floor of the New York Auto Show. Luft told Mustangs Daily that the company's relationship with Ford would continue through 2015 and beyond thanks to a recent contract extension.


That's great news for muscle car fans--even Chevy fans--as it will mean the competition will continue. The question will just be where it will lead.

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Thats good news. I have always felt that Batteries and Electricity also put out emissions and NOT good Emissions. I might be wrong, but thats what I believe. PLUS, until they can get an Electric Car to sound like a Mustang, I will never own one. The Mustangs have that special Sound that no other Car has.

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This is good to hear. There are vehicles for those that want the energy effecient and "green" models. There is that faction of enthusiasts that will always be enthralled with the muscle cars that come from American companies as long as they can "put the pedal to the metal". My husband's favorite sayings are "more power and hammer down."

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Always nice to hear it first from someplace other than Shelby itself! :shrug:




From the original post: "The news comes by way of Shelby American president John Luft, from the floor of the New York Auto Show."


Uhhhh, I think that came from "Shelby itself".




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