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What Upgraded Interior Color would you pick for a White Shelby GT/SC?????????

What Color Interior would you pick for a Shelby GT/SC???  

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  1. 1. What color Upgraded Interior would you pick for a White Shelby GT/SC???

    • Black with White inserts/silver stripe and white stiching
    • Black with Blue inserts/silver stripe and white/silver stiching
    • Black with Gray/Silver inserts with silver stiching

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Like the Topic says I am debating buying this with the current deal and am stuck.


This I like but it is a little plain-




I love this, actually even think the Blue would contrast OK with the White/Silver of the Car (This shows the stripe I am talking about in the middle)




Love these, imagine these, but the red would be white and I would stick with white stiching.




Looks bright, but with the black or silver stripe I think it would be sharp, I only put 3k miles a year or so on the car so should be able to keep it clean



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I did the silver inserts on both cars like the first pic. There is something that I have always liked about the SGTs. They just quietly sit there until you look at them - and then when you look at them for a few minutes - it's like WOW and they really pop out as a very nice car. It's not like a car with neon on it or like our Terlingua that is like that screams for your attention. I think the more subtle approach is more fitting to the car. It's there when you look at it - but it doesn't jump out at you.

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I think if had the black interior I would go with the silver inserts. I did this about 3 years ago and could be happier. I get a lot of compliments at shows. Here are a couple of pics of mine. Mine is called Stone with White Snow inserts. Love it but I can't wear blue jeans because the blue from the denim will transfer to the white leather, so I've learned to wear khaki shorts.




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Great responses so far, I have not thought of Race Seats, my car is really just a weekend toy.




They have different colors and some actually are almost oem in terms of being able to be adjusted/recline. I am a big guy over 200lbs so when I turn hard my stock seats just don't keep me in place, lol.




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Those race seats are sweeeet!! Guess you can use the stock electric hardware and stuff?


As far as new leathers, if sticking with stock, I'm liking the Charcoal black with silver inserts as in the first picture, but stitched up like the second picture - smooth with the stripe down the middle. Discussing this right now on the SPP thread about the sale...


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