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2010 Roush Stage 3 clutch issues


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OK so most of you know the clutch issue I have been having since I bought my car in April of 2010. Well to catch people up just joining the program. I was having issues with the car going into gear at High rpm. So after many times going to the Ford dealership they pull my Clutch out and are like dude your clutch disc is shot and oh by the way you need a new flywheel. I am like WTF? So I buy a RAm set up. Still cant drive the car right. cant shift into gear above 3 k and with the pedal pushed in and car in gear you can rev it up and car will start moving. I just bought the Mcleod RST. I hope this fixes it. I just got to looking though, my Roush disc pads are about as thick as the Mcleod one. My question is how thick are the pads? I put it next to a penny and the pads are still bigger than the penny, granted not by much but still. Please anyone help me out here. I am so frustrated with having a 60k car that I cant even drivemad.gifmad.gifmad.gifmad.gifmad.gifIMG_0602.jpg

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