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2010 GT500 Engine temp spike-please help

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Hello all


Back in November my GT500 overheated and I took it to the dealer. After replacing the radiatior fan unit I had the same problem. They figured out it was an electrical issue and replaced the relay which somehow got charred. I noticed just the other day that the temp gauge would spike while I'm sitting in traffic, would stay in the normal range but the needle would go to the far right up to "H", then I guess the aux fan would kick in and the needle would go back to the middle, or just slightly left of upright.


I'm thinking it could be a few things like a bad stat, air in the line or something else. Anyone else have this experience or have any thoughts?


Thanks for your input

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I would defintely bring it back to the dealer and have them do another once over test on it, I read a while back that 07-09's maybe 10's was included on that they would over heat a bit and on 11's they added a bigger radiator to address this: "larger-capacity radiator in the intercooling circuit more effectively staves off heat soak from the process of supercharging the intake air". If it is no longer in warrant or if you can convince your dealer on switching out the radiator, maybe it would take care of it. Was looking for TSB's on it but couldn't find any. Did dealer look into the TSB's?

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That needle is not supposed to move near that much (mine moves maybe 1/8" in 100+ temps.) I think your relay is shot again, There is a communication breakdown between the PCM and fans. The PCM is apparently telling the fans to kick on but it's happening too late. I'd tell the dealer to start there.


I doubt it's the thermostat or it would be overheating all the time. Coolant is passing through the system, just not getting cooled properly. I'm assuming the temp goes back to normal when you start moving?

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Update on this issue - I installed the 170 degree thermostat from Lethal and used the SCT to set the fans at 182 and 188 as instructed. I let the car idle in my driveway and the fan came on at 83 degrees celsius right when it should. I noticed though that on my way into work that the fan was on at 79 degrees celsius, and it was not coming down off of the 83 degree trigger. Does anyone know why that would happen?



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