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Racing Seats - Your Opinons

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For those of you who have either been in the market or are currently in the market for aftermarket racing seats I have some questions for you.


1. What manufacturer?

2. What are you looking for in a seat?

3. What material are you looking to cover it in?

4. Are you looking for a seat for looks or for function?

5. Are you planning on buying a harness system as well?

6. What is your price range?

7. Would you like power or manual?

8. And any other thoughts.


Thanks you for your input on this.



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I love the new recaro seats in the new mustang but they weigh to much for a race seat...I purchased a set of recaro look alike seats and had them covered in a good material to look like my original seats...I even put the airbag tag on the side of them It save me about 25 pounds in my 2010 gt500

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Personnaly I woukd like to see Shelby offer two types of seats, one a hardcore racing seat like those offered by Kirkey Racing. The other being a a seat that is a compromise between the OEM seat and a racing seat such as the Recaros now offered by Ford. Have the Kirkey offered in a cover that is for pure function such as nylon and offer the Recaros in a custom stitched leather and alcantra.

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