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I am trading the 2012 in on a 2013 GT500. I was wondering what people thought about the Track pack? Is it worth the extra loot? Also the dealership I bought my 2012 from said they would give me top dollar for mine. What are the 2012s worth?

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If you are just street driving the car I would not spend the money on the track package, as far as what your 2012 is worth it depends on the options you have and how badly someone wants it. You will find that a dealer will give you less than if you sold it on your own the dealer has to resell it for more than what he pays you for the car. There are a lot of people who want the GT500 but dont have the money for a 2013. Also with the 2013 having 650 hp it will be getting a lot of press for the GT500 which will open up more of an interest in the cars.

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118 Views and not one person can comment on the Track pack? ok



Kind'a hard to comment on something nobody's ever seen, driven, or knows about since it's yet to be released.


Pure speculation is what you'll get.



Just sayin',


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