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About the "Upcoming Events" list above

David Hawkins

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You went to the trouble to List the Events at the Top of the Pages BUT the Link takes you to a Forum that someone started wanting to know who is going or it takes you to the Forum for that area to post Events. Why doesn't the Link take you to a Page that has all the Info about that Event, such as Location, Hotels Costs, Event Features, ETC. When I see a special list titled "Upcoming Events", I would think it would have all the Info about the Events.



Upcoming Events:

• Boss, Mustang & Shelby 2.9 Mile Road Course Driving event. 30 March - 01 April. More.

• Team Shelby Nationals, Northeast. 30 May - 03 June 2012 . More.

• SAAC 37. 07-09 June 2012. More.

• Mid America. 13-17 June 2012. More.




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