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Whipple 2.9


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Hi . I have a chance to buy a Whipple 2.9 at a good price ( for Canadian $$$$ that is ) , is there anyone out there using one of these that can provide some feedback in regards to power , ease of getting it tunned , any problems with the blower . How does it compare to TVS and Kenne Bell products .

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Generally whipple and kenne bell are larger blowers that are really good for high HP with high boost. sometimes they can lack a little low end torque. TVS is great for lower end torque but can't pull in high HP like the other two but still nothing to be sad about. I have a TVS with 16psi and made 650rwhp on my 2012. Nothing wrong with the Whipple, its what Ford has chosen on some of their upgrade kits.


Only downside is you may need to lower the engine to allow it to fit with your hood. not sure if that is for Kenne Bell or Whipple though, I would do some google searching on that.

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