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VMP tuning


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Hey guys,


Has anybody used Justin at VMP before? I ordered an SCT tuner and Ford racing shorty headers off him over 1 month ago.


First he said that the headers were out of stock, which is fair enough although it took him over 2weeks to refund me money and now I still have no tuner.


He wont reply to emails and due to the +8 hour time difference getting hold of him on the phone is difficult for me.

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Send a e mail to his helper BJ.


Here is his addy. BJ@vmptuning.com


Explain the situation and he will get back to you ASAP.




Yes, shoot BJ an e-mail. I found him to be very helpful and responsive to questions. Their pulley and tune is on my shortlist. I just have to finish up my wife’s “Honey Do” list first. :peelout:

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Thanks for the contact guys but im afraid he just forwarded the email to Justin so I guess im back to square one.




I needed to forward it so I could provide you with a status. I am in Chicago, Justin is in central Florida. We catch up on customer communication daily.


As others have stated, I'm here to assist you when you ask.


You will have an update via email today.





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Hey BJ, I emailed Justin a couple weeks ago about getting an updated tune and got no response (email may have gone to his spam folder???). I moved to a new province and the 93 octane here contains up to 10% ethanol. The tune I have is a 93 octane ethanol free one (for the 2.59 pulley). How do I go about getting a new tune? I had PM'd you my order# in SVT forum.



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