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From the OTHER Shelby Forums, Carroll Shelby noy doing well

David Hawkins

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Yeah, I hope it is not true as well. I can't believe He is 89, for some reason, I was thinking He was 86 this Year, but I also was thinking my Divorce was only 7 Years ago but, I just looked it up and, it was 10. I have had a lot of stuff signed by Him over the Years, from Die-Cast Cars to extra Car, Truck & Motorcycle Parts for future projects. I was going to sell a couple of items to a Friend but had to tell Him NO today. Not hoping for a Higher Price but because I can't get any more items Signed. I may not ever use all of the Vehicle Parts but they will look good with the Die-Cast Cars in the Display Case. I can say that, It was a great Honor to have a Contract with Him to produce the "Tribute Edition Shelby's". When I designed the Cars, the inspiration was to pay Tribute to Him for all that He has done in the Automotive World. CS is a strong Person and my Prayers are with Him for a Speedy Recovery.

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