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2.2L carb Trubo engine

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I've seen it done, but not lately. A guy came to our local SDAC chapter meeting back about 1995 or 96 with a dune buggy he rigged up to be a turbo carb engine. He did it to make tuning it easier since no turbo electronics were involved. But it was an extremely complex modification involving a lot of handbuilt fabrication since no parts to do this type of thing are available.


Today there are so many options for custom tuning the turbo electronics that most folks would question why go to all the trouble of adapting a carb to the engine. It is so much easier to just build up the turbo engine and tune the electronics to the desired level.


All the parts you need are readily available online at forums like www.turbo-mopar.com in the for sale section. And that is just one of the forums where a wealth of info on these engines and cars can be found.

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Our resident madman, Mike Holler has done this more recently with a slant six duster, I think. The articles are on ALLPAR.com, just search using holler in the search box and you will find all his articles. As Barry mentioned above, it is much easier and neater to swap turbo parts in your vehicle - unless you have a thing for fabrication. Everything to swap is available at reasonable pricing.

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