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Subframes & other questions

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1.Have any of you vert owners installed full length sub frame connectors? If so how much difference in ride quality?


2. what type of wheel cleaners are you using for tough grime and brake dusting.


3. In going with LCA for my suspension do you recomend UCA also.


Thats all for now. PS I have really grown to love my pig:)))))))))))))))

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BUMP.............. No input???


Contact these guys at http://www.zeckhausen.com/


They really know brakes. Make sure not to use brake pads for the track if you really do your driving on the street. I changed the pads on my BMW because after one day of driving, my wheels were filthy with brake dust. The new pads from Zeckhausen cured the problem and my car stopped just as fast as the original pads. I used to power wash my wheels with a cheap low pressure electric washer DAILY before the pad change. After that, I only washed my wheels when I washed the car. Don't wait till your original pads wear out to change them. You'll be so happy with the dustless or nearly dustless pads that you will happily throw the originals in the trash.

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