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12 months, 12 sets of wheels! February edition!

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i started this little marketing promotion in January over on svtp. hadnt become a vendor here yet so January didnt make it over here. but here's the link to the January thread. be sure to check it out as the wheels i had on last month were really nice :wub2:



there are 12 months in the year, so im going to put 12 different sets of wheels on my car in 2012. wanted to try out some different finishes, sizes and designs. granted, this is actually the 4th set right here. i sported some 20" Chicanes for a few days last year for a local car show and then put on some 19" Competitions.




FINALLY! juuuust in time before the end of the month lol. as i stated in the initial thread, they may not always come right away. plus it may take me time to finalize what i am going to do for the next month. this particular set was finished up last week but had to wait to get the tires put on, then on the car, then a chance to snap some pics.

February's set:

2 piece 20x8.5 20x10 Retros in all polished finish with satin black windows.

why 8.5 and 10 you may ask? well, 2 piece wheels consist of a center and a hoop (just one). you put the center where you want it and weld it in place. the hoops are just 1 piece, unlike 3 piece wheels which are 2 hoops (inner and outer). 2 piece hoops come in pre-made sizes. in 20", they are/were 8.5" and 10".....till now. as of last week, they will be available in 9" and 10.5" as well. we're still waiting on delivery of these new hoops sizes, so it wasn't an option for this set which was already made and AT powder coating when we inked the deal for the new sizes.

we have added additional widths in 2 piece 18s as well. 9.5" and 11" :dancenana:

they are also available in 3 piece as well which allows you a wider variety of width options but then you have the bolts, as they hold the wheels together.

these took a little longer than usual to finish up due to the custom powder coating. they started out as fully polished and then we had the "windows" custom powder coated in satin black, to give them that real old school magnum look.

since the rears are 20x10" on a 305/35/20 555R i had the backspacing brought in just a bit so the extra bulge in the sidewall would not rub on the fender. as you can see in the pics, they look like there is no way they will not rub but guess what? they dont! :burnout:

the front are 20x8.5 sporting some Nitto 255/35/20 555s. i wanted to give the car a real raked muscle car look.

as always this set is already up for sale as im already having March's set made; a new design ;-) these can be purchased with or without the tires. right now, they have about 20 miles on them. ill probably put a few more on them before they sell, but not much since i dont drive the car often. especiall with 91 being over $4.50 a gallon here right now :bored: ill throw in a Shine Seal kit with the wheels as well as these black lug nuts (or chrome if you prefer).

with tires, $3762 shipped

without tires $2700 shipped

how they started out, in all polished finish






and after powder coating, and put on the car























keep in mind, ALL of our wheels are available both with and without the assembly bolts (aka "rivets") and in every size we make, 15" through 26". :bandance:

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