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We have to Make Tuff Decissions in Live, Don't We?


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I know this really isn’t Club related , but isn’t making tuff decisions in our lifes part of our business?


I got a very strange call yesterday from a husband and wife couple that own



conversation started out,

“ Mike this will sound very strange at first so please hear us out if you please”

Seems the two have been looking for a 1966 Ford F100, incredibly just like mine!


So let’s back up a few years!

I purchased the truck from the original owners son after his farther passed away in 95’, the truck was still in his barn in central Texas and after the story from his Son in 2004 about the history of the truck on the family farm for 25 years

and my story of looking for a project,

we made a deal.


I did the complete frame off restoration on the truck which took me a year and a half and after

It made many magazines, calendars, best in shows, etc. in the past 8 years since I’ve owned the truck to fill my garage with awards!


So back to the Tiger Rescue

They want it for the center their story goes,

asked if I would sale or had I considered selling?

and if so how much?

I spit out a price thinking oh well what have I got to lose?


Little did I know how much I would have to lose,

They agreed!

Now my bank account is soon to be much happier

My garage is to be much emptier!

And I now will start dealing with the reality of passing on of a great friend


You see the reason I made so many awards and recognitions was,

I did the hole truck myself, everything

No custom build shops involved

And I was cleaning their clocks in competition


So this is why the truck had become such a special piece of the family

And talking about it last night was like saying we were giving away a member of the family.


But times, age and other issues make it a right decision


This could relate over in our clud business,

Tuff decision!


So I say good bye to

Miss Daisy

My 1966 Ford F100 Short Bed


I know ladies, it’s a guy thing!






well At least I will have the extra cash now to do the next phase of upgrades on the Shelby!

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Man that is a really nice rig! I am sure the new owner will cherish it.


As an aside I had a '60 custom cab short bed with a 3 on the tree and a 6. Was a beater but man it was great. Also had another big back window custom cab short bed in the past at a different time, it was a Chev also a 1960.


Thanks for shring the pictures, very great job you did!

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Great truck, you did a wonderful job.

My thinking is just like that show "Wheeler Dealers", you saved a vehicle from the crusher, and gave it a new lease on life.


Good for you. Lots of people will draw joy from your talent and effort.


Again, congrats.




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this was my assembly plant, frame shop, "Paint booth" (6 coats), Etc.







I don't think I'm doing another!


buy and drive comes to mind!



Made a few improvements since then but still a little tight, but it's my Man Cave!




Maybe why the Shelby seems to be "Drewling" a little lately sitting in the drive?



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