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Added the KR expansion tank.....

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I'm unfamiliar with this. What does it do?



It is an expansion tank for the rear end. On the track, our cars tend to bubble the rear end fluid and it gets pushed out the vent. The tank kit comes with a fitting to replace the vent, a hose and a tank. The tank mounts to existing bolts on the unibody.


These came stock on all 08/09 KRs.


JLT sells them.

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rear end tank.jpg


Thank you Kevin Patten for the install help.


Pottydr suggested this caption - " if you can read this decal, turn me over"



Looks WAY better powdercoated (or painted, or whatever ya did). Nice job.

It's on MY list of future mods, too. I may follow your lead and put a finish on it.




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