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'66 GT350H Enquiry


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Howdy Y'all,

I post here infrequently as only to enquire about Shelby's as they pertain to my collecting of 1/64th scale cars.

I recently purchased this Hot Wheel @ the Las Vegas Super Show (by Diecast Space):


It has GT350H colours and striping but the rear quarter windows are covered by louvres instead of being "uncovered" :shrug:

Unfortunately the base of the car only indicates Shelby GT350 Mustang and doesn't have a year designation :rant2:

So my question is this:

Were rear quarter window louvres available as an option on the GT350H :(

Help me Team Shelby members U R my only hope :banghead:

Spencer Dean Welch II?:>}

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No they were not an option. They all had the plexiglass rear quarter window. Someone "dropped the ball" on that diecast Hertz car from China.



I'm FAR from being GT350 literate but I thought the 65's had louvers, the 66's had plexi windows (w/bright trim) and the race versions (both years) had aluminum block offs.


And did the Hertz have GT350H or just GT350 rocker designations?




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Yup, the 65s had the vents, except for the "R" model race versions, the 66s all had the plexiglass windows with bright aluminum trim. The '66 Hertz cars had the GT350H on the rocker stripe, whereas the Hertz cars for '68 and '69 looked just like other non-Hertz GT350s...

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