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What is a good deal?


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I would like some of your expertise with a question I have.

What would be a great deal for a white 2007 SGT 5 speed garage queen with 7200 miles.It has new 20 inch Razors w/Nittos with less than 200 miles on them.It has the KR exhaust,Eradispeed+2 rear rotors,shelby headrests and NO rusty butt.It also has a Ford extended service plan for a few more years.This car is perfect and needs nothing.It perfect original stripes that have never seen the rain.

I have an opportunity on another car and would like to give a forum member a great deal rather than trying to get top dollar advertising on the various websites.

What would be a great price but still be fair to both buyer and seller.

This is a bit preliminary as the car is not for sale until I decide to pull the trigger on the other car.It will be soon if I do,though.

Check out the pics and let me know what you think.



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Thanks,I don't follow the sales of these.I was thinking $25000 would be a great deal for someone also and would sell it to a forum member for that.The wheels and tires and kr exhaust was around $2500 in the last 200 miles and the rotors in the last 100 miles for $5-600 would be a great incentive if someone would have wanted those upgrades anyway.I just wanted to make sure because if I buy the other car I need the garage space and I would rather sell it cheaper than screw around with it.

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Whats your new car going to be? I will pass it along to a few folks. Good luck with your sale.





If I make a move it will be to an older Mustang.1970 Mach1.I want a garage queen that I can put about 1-2000 miles a year on and I think an older car would be great fun for that.

I will probably regret it because I enjoy this one so much,but what the hell,I can always buy another newer one if I do regret it.


I did want to mention that there is still extended certified warranty on the SGT.I will have to look it up,but it should be another 2 years or so.

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