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Happy Birthday vapor08GT500

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Thank you Dan...12:02 and you already posted!! I was born at 12:08 in the morning, so I turned a year older posting in Dan and Marji's build thread. Can't wait to see you and Laura at the BASH!! You both have become very dear friends of mine and we always have a blast when we all see each other.


And thank you too, James!! Hopefully I will see you again at Grabber's in May, or the BASH if you are coming.


I still have alot of work to do today, but am definitely going to sleep in. Going to go for dinner with my mother and Alan tonight, although I am still pissed at her for telling me to plan a party at her house for 20 people, then cancelling!! Oh well...



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Thank you my friends for the birthday wishes, cards, presents (even got flowers!!) phone calls, text messages, and even a video!! It really means something to me that so many have thought about me!!


I promised my assistant that I would not do any emails or posts for the rest of the day...well, now it is 12:05 on the 24th, so I didn't break my promise!


Thanks again, everyone!! I had a great day, and a nice dinner at a new restaurant with my mother.



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