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Central Florida Shelbys

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Last night I took a drive in my 500 and a great sight came upon us going down this curvy road in Oviedo Florida, another Shelby! It's a great sight to see another "Brother” (or Sister) on the road. It was a black Shelby GT and it looked great. The only thing I like more than driving my Shelby is watching another one in action. If you are in the Oviedo area, and I have seen a few, please drop me a line and I would love nothing more than to start getting together on a regular basis and trade stories and have a few beers. I know that 1badsho is planning a get together and I can’t wait but let’s get thing rolling and get him a list of the Central Florida Shelby people. A Friday or Saturday night cruse would be a great way to not only watch other Shelby's in action but bring them all out on a regular basis. Besides the cars origin is a Mustang and we all know that horses are herding animals so let’s get them together.

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