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KR Hood Without Pins

Flyin Monkey

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Is anyone running the KR hood without hood pins? Are there any issues running the hood without them?



While I was waiting for my KR hood pins to be delivered I ran mine without pins for 3 or 4 months with no issues. I took a 200 mile highway trip averageing 75 to 80 mph and no issues.

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It's a gen1 hood. There are no pockets. I prefer it to be smooth but the thought of the hood latch bar tearing out at 80 MPH 300 miles from home frightens me slightly.


Do you mean an actual SAI KR hood with the pin area recessed out? If so I would think it would be no different than any other non-pinned hood. I would think the looks would be the biggest question. The recessed area without pins would bug me.




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