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My first Shelby ride ever - 2012 Shelby GT500


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I attended the Chicago auto show today and of course I had to drool over the Mustangs for a large chunk of the time. As it would happen, there were multiple Shelby Mustangs there. Two of them were the new 2013 model; however, I arrived in the area around the time I saw a crowd around a small area and someone was speaking over the speakers.


I approached and witnessed the power of the 2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 hooked up to the dyno and ready to go. I got my phone out and immedietly started recording. I was in the crowd for the first two dyno runs, and then the crowd dispersed as the sign saying when the next run would be was moved to in 30 minutes.


30 minutes went by and the crowd reassembled. Of course this time I was right up front. The guy on the stage said "The first pair of Ford keys I see..." Luckily, for no apparent reason, I had my keys with me. With my Ford mustang keys, a Shelby GT500 Super Snake key chain on the key ring, and my Shelby GT500 Super Snake shirt on, it was obvious who was to be picked. He asked me to come onto the stage. Not only that, but he even pointed out to the crowd that my shirt showed the Super Snake and he explained what exactly that package is.


Well, needless to say this was amazing, and everything I thought it would be + more (and this was only to 4th gear, 140mph)

My best decision all night: when I brought my keys for the heck of it.


Well; attached is the fun ;)


Mustang Shelby 2.wmv

Mustang Shelby 2.wmv

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