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Tulsa OK


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Not sure what you mean by safe but the areas of the US you will pass though are pretty much the most rural areas of the country so I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as safety goes other than common sense. As for the route the standard Google Maps route looked fine to me. Anyone else have an opinion?

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I haven't been through OK in years but a good friend just towed his racecars to an event at Tulsa last fall and he told me that Oklahoma highways are like cattle paths - just in horrendous need of major repairs. I had been thinking about possibly driving up to spectate and support them and when he got up there he called and told me not to come - he knew I wouldn't subject my SGT to that punishment. So be advised......

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Two years ago I went from Oklahoma City to Calgary, Alberta. I had to pick up my GT-H there and decided to drive her home. I actually drove from Oklahoma City, to Las Vegas on the first leg of the trip (which took 17.5 hours) then from Las Vegas to Calgary (which took 20 hours). I drove through 8 states, saw Mustang, Oklahoma, drove over the Hover Dam before it was closed to traffic, and of course spent the night in Las Vegas.


I have to tell you that this was one of the best road trips ever. The I15 from Calgary to Las Vegas and then the I40E east from Las Vegas to Oklahoma is amazing. The roads on these two interstate highways are simply perfect. Having lived and driven Alberta roads all my life, you gotta see what kind of roads our American brothers build. They're like a piece of glass...... smooth as silk ( and living in Alberta where there is nothing but oil and farming, we know what what cattle paths look like because we drive them almost every day and in my opinion, the two interstates are dang nice).


AND, the scenery down between Calgary and Las Vegas is just incredible. I drive down to Vegas and back at least 4 times a year and I never get tired of the scenery. 20 hours is a long time to drive but it is so beautiful and it changes to a new look every few hours, totally great. The drive from Las Vegas to Oklahoma is a little more "flat land" driving but it still is a really nice drive.


Is there a faster route down to Tulsa, of course there is a faster way down. Is there a more beautiful way than going through Vegas? I doubt it. And you get to stay in Vegas and see the Shelby factory, how great is that?


If you want any more info on this drive, pm me and I can answer any questions you may have.


Go for it, you will not regret it, it will be a trip of a life time :shift:



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