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CS56 wheels: why different parts numbers "for GT500" vs. plain

Frank S

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I'm looking at the Carroll Shelby Wheels CS56 style. I see there are differing parts numbers when the description includes the "for GT500" additon.


e.g.: CS56-895445-C v. CS56-895445LC


What is the actual difference - if any - between the two wheels?


Price is the same, description on both includes the GT500 as an application. Only thing I can think of would be the center caps Logo image might be exclusive to the GT500 but the pictures don't make it obvious.


What say y'all?


EDIT: Y'all could say, "Idjit! The one without 'includes GT500' " actually says, "EXcludes GT500"!


More fool me. Stand by to disregard.

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