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Why Do I Bother? (Rant Alert!!!)


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Figuring I didn't want to do more harm than good, I took my '12 to a nearby dealer - to swap the HID bulbs rather than futzing around with it myself and inadvertently hosing what an experienced tech should be able to do.


Despite the local store having been underwhelming in the past, I also figured, "how badly could they screw this up?" and went against my better judgment for the sake of convenience. So yes, I own it.


The first thing they do is hand the keys to a kid who must shave barely once a week - who proceeds to take the car to a bay I can't see. An hour later, the service writer finds me to tell me the usual "good news/bad news" spiel. He said, "The GOOD news is that your car's ready and there's no charge."


He THEN lays the bad news on me, "ONE side went in fine. But the OTHER side broke (the bulb) when he was trying to lock it down. I THINK they sent you the wrong size."


Despite the base being identical and the bulb itself being fractionally shorter than OE, I asked how ONE side could mount properly and illuminate but not the other - after confirming with multiple sources the bulbs' correctness. He said, "Well, we put back the OLD ones for you - no charge, and at least you now have a spare."


Of course he DIDN'T mean to imply the dealer would be replacing or reimbursing me for the bulb it broke - which is how the matter stands now. ANOTHER $80 flushed needlessly.


Despite the vast improvement Ford has made in its products and the very GOOD dealers it HAS, the indifferent and underskilled remain one of its biggest remaining challenges. Shame on ME for knowing better, but shame on these folks for not DOING better.


Aaahh. THAT'S more like it. :)

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You should have of asked for a few Motorcraft oil filters. LOL!!! I do feel for you, I try my best to perform my repairs & maintainance. My problem is I hate to depend on people to perform the task, they usually let you down. I run a mid sized machine shop in CT and the biggest challange is finding quaified help. One of the reasons why manufacturing is going over seas. Nobody wants to work anymore, let alone perform quaility work. Service is horrible to matter where you go! Can anyone remember the last time you ordered at the drive thru and your order was correct? Come on, how hard can that job be!!! When i'm forced to pay for a sevice, I find it's best to deal with small independently owned businesses. Anyways, good luck with the bulbs and always go with your gut.

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