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New member from Italy


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Hello all,

I not to familiar whit your language and I hope you would forgive my mistake.

I have many question about my GT-H hope not to bug you.


Bonjourno Paolo.


Welcome to Team Shelby, all of your questions will be answered here.


Nice assortment of cars you have in your collection :worship:


We'd love to see some :camera:



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Benvenuto Flatpaolo

ha vissuto in Italia per 3 anni, ha suonato per il football americano Rinoceronti Milano e se posso aiutare a rispondere a tutte le vostre domande circa la Shelby GT500 per favore si senta libero di chiedere a me.

Glad to have you join us.



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How you can spot in the picture my GT-H lost the side hertz badges.

The seller, a multibrand importer, buyed an assorted lot of USA cars whit my GT-H on it, in he's mind a car from a fleet is a basket case so he tryed to hide the past life of the GT-H removing and trowing away this 2 piece of shame. :doh:

Of course he ignore what a Shelby GT-H actually is, in Italy was considered a souped up Mustang GT good only for a boyracer so I bought it well.

Now the problem is find this badges, hope you can help me whit suggestions.

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Welcome. We just got our 2012 GT 500 in Dec and have been totally amazed at the help and information that this site has. Any question will be answered almost immediately. The comraderie is really great as well.


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