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Borla S-type vs. ATAK Exhaust for 2011-12 GT500s


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I’m interested in the Borla exhaust, particularly the S-type (#11798) and the ATAK (#11799) for the 2011-2012 GT500s. Both of them look outstanding with the 4 ½” rolled SS tips, but how do they sound?


I’ve listened to several clips, but really can’t decipher between the two. I’m looking for a deep throaty tone, which seems to be generated more by the S-type, whereas the ATAK seems louder, but projects a higher pitch.


I would like to get feedback for those who’ve actually had experienced with either... or both. On a scale of 1-10, how do they compare with the OEM mufflers, i.e., if the OEM ranks at a 5 in loudness, and a 5 in throatiness, then how would the respective Borlas compare… ? Thank you!



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Not much help regarding exhaust on these forums unfortunately. I'm looking at making the same decision for my 2011, but also trying to decide between the axle-bak and cat-bak.


This is a Borla Video for the 2011-12 Mustang GT. The system is similar to the GT500 and I'm sure the difference between the Stinger and the ATAK is similar.


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a 2011 GT500 with the Borla S-Type




a 2010 GT500 with the Borla ATAK




My car with the Ford Racing Sport Mufflers similar as the Borla S-Type




Just copy the link in a new window

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