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What will I do with all this Cold February Weather?

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We're having the warmest winter in ten years, today 38 degrees, Sat 37 degrees, and Sunday 41 degrees!!!!!!

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It was 65 here for 2 days this week and its only been below freezing for maybe 10-2 days all totaled this Winter.....


and we dont have slit our wrists everyday from April to November....


you can keep Florida........:tease:


enjoy 350.....


hey, how are those bikes coming along?

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I may not live in Fl. or Ca. but I just took my GT500 out for a ride today and went over the river into Pa. I think I will take it out again on Monday so post all your weather reports from Fl. and Ca. I still take my Shelby out almost every day, and since I am retired I can drive it all day long any day of the week here in N.J. now thats nice.....

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Just looked up the temp for Clifton and at 5pm the temp was 41F.


The temp here in Oviedo (just outside of Orlando) was 81F.


I'll keep Florida, thank you very much. :happy feet:



Oveido right outside of Orlando........95, humid and storms every afternoon where it gets even more humid for 8 months a year.....:barf:


and you get frost every winter and are 2 hours from the nearest beach...... :hysterical2::hysterical2:


you most certainly can keep it! :salute:

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