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Stripe Install Recommendation

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I was wondering if anybody can recommend a good Body shop in the Southern NH (or even Massachusetts) area that could remove my original stripes on my 2007 BLack SGT and install new ones. I have the typical spotting issues with my Silver stripes and wanted to have new FLX stripes installed as replacements


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Mike If your serious about painting the stripes, I can help. I'm in cental CT which is a 3 hour ride from Nashua NH. As for my experience, I've been performing restoration, custom and light collision work for 20 years on cars and street bikes. At this point in life, it's only a hobby but still remain active in it. As for the materials I uses, stickly RM/BASF base coat-clear coat line and their products are not cheap. As for the expectations of the painted stripes, a slight elevation will be present unless specified. The process consists of wet sanding the OEM clear coat with 800 grit paper. F&R bumper cover, trunk lid, spoiler if equipped, roof, & hood, hood scoop. The stripes get masked for proper width & alighnment. F&R bumper covers & spioler get removed and base coat is applied. Tape removed and the entire panels described above get 2 coats of clear. Then reassembly occurs. In the event that no paint lines are wanted, the clear coat process would be repeated up to 8 times along with sanding in between each multicoat process. Extra time + materials. When I refinish a vehicle part or whole, there are three major objectives that I must meet, the obvious objective is color which in this case is a non issue because we are working with an accent stripe and clear coat. The other two are texture (orange peel) and longevity for the product and workmanship. Example, Ford has a much heavier texture than say Lexus. The "paint job" can look great, but if they buff the heck out of it to remove inperfection such as runs or dust, the surface becomes flat or glass like. By itself it looks great, but next to the adjacent panel with the OEM finish, it looks out of place. Lastly, longevity, very few shops will warranty their work for 5 years, around here the norm is 1 year. My work is garanteed for 10 years. As for scheduling, I'm open anytime after mid March with a 7-9 day turn around.



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